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Living room is called living room because that's what you do there. You spend your waking hours and entertaining hours in this environment, so what do you really want to live with?

At Twin Brook Furniture LLC we offer the finest in hand crafted furniture. Our solid wood pieces are genuine Appalachian hardwoods, hand selected and finished to provide pristine beauty for years to come. Our upholstered pieces are of the same quality. The frames are solid wood, and the springs, webbing, and upholstered materials are selected with beauty and durability in mind.

When you buy from us you are purchasing from a dealership that goes directly to trusted manufacturers and brings them directly to your door. Want more variety? We are only able to display a fraction of the variety that we have available. Come visit us at the Cockeysville MD Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer's Market. Hours are Thursday 8-6, Friday 8-8 and Saturday 8-4.